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WAC - Guideline for submission


The format of your paper (Technical papers, Demo / Poster or Web Audio Gig) must be compliant with this Word template you can directly fill and submit.

In details

Since many of you might not be used to academic paper publishing, we decided to write this guideline explaining what you need to do.
You can think of the technical paper for a library presentation as a detailed README page, or for a web app presentation as an explanation on how you built it.

Here's – roughly – the structure you should follow:

  1. Abstract - overview of your paper subject (name of the library, goals - 4 to 8 lines)
  2. some Categories and Subject Descriptors - you can find the appropriate ones here
  3. General Terms - one or more (provided in the template below)
  4. an Introduction with a short summary of your library or web app - and the problematic it tries to solve or its innovative aspect in term of user experience
  5. an in detail project description: as many paragraphs, schemes, screenshots as needed in which you explain
    • What already existed (equivalent libraries or web app, native app or desktop ones) ?
    • What was your specific needs ?
    • What is new with your approach, and why this approach fits your needs ?
    • How did you use web standards (especially Web Audio API)
    • How or did you improve your web app or library based on user feedback ?
  6. Conclusion, and future plans, possible improvements or new app ideas
  7. References: link to GitHub pages, online demo ...
  8. Upload your paper to WAC submission website

The format must be compliant with this Word template you can directly fill and submit.

Alternatively, a Latex template can be downloaded here. You can view a sample text here using the previous template. Don't forget to include related documents: bibliography, Graphic #1, Graphic #2, Graphic #3 and the template. Detailed format available here in Alternate style paragraph.

Contact: wac [at] ircam [dot] fr